When we took people ‘back to the future’

19 December 2015

Have you seen the Pepsi Perfect ad? Yes, the one that’s going viral.

Pepsi had come up with this great idea to bring the ‘Pepsi Perfect’ drink from the movie ‘Back to the future’ to the market. The campaign was rightly called— the future is now. They wanted an advertisement for this exclusive limited edition drink.

The ad-makers got in touch with Srushti. The team at Srushti had just completed a month-long hectic schedule for another assignment, when this new project was allotted to them. Four weeks of continuous work had left the team completely worn- out. But when they heard that the next project was for Pepsi, the exhaustion gave way to excitement.

Now making an ad with the theme of ‘Back to the future’ undoubtedly needed amazing special effects. The scope of work included rotoscopy, green matte removal and compositing. The challenge was to recreate and enhance the whole Back to the future scenario. So then came in flying skateboards, levitating cars and talking robots.

The team was excited to be collaborating with one of the biggest brands in the beverage industry. And so much that in spite of being worn out from the previous project, they finished the Pepsi Perfect work long before the deadline. The project was wrapped up two days before the actual delivery schedule.

A few minor changes here and there and the video was good to go. All the excitement, enthusiasm and hard work paid off when the video went viral, gaining millions of views. The ad actually took people “back to the future”.

Pepsi “Back to the Future Part II” VFX Showreel :


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