Srushti delivers entire visual effects work for karthikeya movie

10 January 2015

Karthikeya, the debut film of Director Chandoo Mondeti, that was nominated for various prestigious awards and won critical appreciation for being “different from the regular Telugu films”. The film was a supernatural thriller and had many special effects to bring about that supernatural look and feel.

SrushtiVFX was approached for the special effects work. The team took care of everything from pre-visualization to final VFX output. The preparation began in advance, two months before the shoot.

Every sequence of the film was explained in detail by Director Chandoo. This helped in proper planning of all the scenes beforehand, thereby minimizing CG work. The CG was used only where required, which cut down the production costs.

karthikeya movie vfx - Srushti VFX

The team had to create a 3D snake for the film. The snake was very important to the film’s storyline. So it had to be created to perfection. The team undertook extensive research on creating 3D snake that closely resembled a real snake.

Yet another important sequence was the flashback episode, which was crucial to the film. SrushtiVFX researched and experimented with different styles to best represent the flashback episode. After lots of discussion, two good options came forward— 300 movie- like presentation and the native Chandamama style.


A few more meetings were followed by a lot more discussions, they had to choose that one style which would click with the viewers. Though 300 and Chandamamawere both equally popular among the audience, we zeroed in on theChandamama-themed presentation style, as it was closer to home and so that everyone would be able to connect to it. And it did turn out that way. And it did turn out that way.


The director’s inputs were extremely valuable to the team. He was constantly around, and became an integral part of the special effects team. His creativity helped further enhance the visual effects. The DOP, Karthik’s skills and knowledge also helped make the project better. Throughout the project, the visual effects team at Srushti and Karthikeya’s team of the Director and DOP co-ordinated and worked hand in hand. It was a joint effort from a pool of talented teams, and the result— better than expected output, which brought the “wow” factor to the film.

The visual effects added to the amazing storyline and led the film to a huge success. The team enjoyed working on the film as much as the audience enjoyed watching it.

Watch VFX Motion Graphics breakdown video :

Karthikeya Movie VFX Showreel :

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