Not all transformations need special-effects

1 December 2016

Inspired by Aamir’s dramatic weight-loss journey for “Dangal” !! That’s the latest example that, not all transformations need illusions. 

Aamir preferred to challenge himself with this extreme weight loss because he believed a bodysuit just can’t match his real body. The natural breathing  and body language of a 97 Kg, Mahavir Singh Phogat cannot be achieved with a bodysuit.

Natural is the key. If you can show it in a natural way, special effects like VFX are absolutely not required. The audience gets indulged in the scenes and putting unnecessary effects can ruin the original feel.

This is not against VFX. VFX achieves the impossible and adds the WOW factor to the movies. Some of the results are just out of this world. But this doesn’t mean that just adding VFX will do the trick. This can’t be a shortcut for creating a work of art. Shah Rukh Khan could not have changed his face & height, for his movie “Fan” so VFX came to his rescue.

The massive set of  “Sheesh Mahal” in the movie “Mugal e Azam was an original piece. A lot of experiments were done with lighting and mirrors to create that perfect effect. The results were totally worth the pain, well ahead of their time in 1960. This is one of the reasons the movie is still considered a master piece, years after its golden jubilee.

VFX in movies like Matrix, Titanic, Jurassic Park were indispensable and amazing. But overuse of VFX can reduce its appeal soon. This is why, a VFX supervisor should always be consulted while making such decisions. He can judge which parts of the production actually needs VFX.


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Use of VFX in scenes like bomb blasts, aliens, dinosaurs etc is appreciated. Since shooting the real thing is just not possible. If we could see the real dinosaurs, we may have not appreciated the special effects with such intensity.

We don’t live in the olden times anymore, but we still believe that, the beauty of natural things is to die for today, the technology has reached to an other level. There is a continuous bombardment of content in the entertainment world. This forces us to go with the flow & make something better every time. But we should not compromise with originality. This wisdom will not just make us stand out in crowd, but also help the whole fraternity produce works that will make us proud forever.

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