Gopala Gopala: Another visual treat by SrushtiVFX

19 March 2015

Gopala Gopala, a Film that broke multiple records and made its way into the hearts of movie buffs. And who can forget the grand entry made by Pawan Kalyan, which was greeted with whistles and applause in the cinemas.

Introducing the star of the film is always a significant sequence. It becomes all the more important when it is a big name like Pawan Kalyan. Fans wait with bated breaths for that one scene, so it cannot afford to go wrong.

SrushtiVFX was assigned this huge responsibility of working on the introduction of the protagonist, Pawan Kalyan.

The sequence was loaded with visual effects. Soon after getting approval for the storyboard, SrushtiVFX set out to work on the visual effects of the sequence. The scope of work included tracking, green matte removal, composting and 3D effects.

Though things had to be rushed, with just 42 days left for the release date,

SrushtiVFX delivered the first cut right on time. But the work didn’t come to a halt there. The team kept working on the detailing to bring that sequence to perfection.

Right when SrushtiVFX was going to deliver the pre-final version, it was offered with more shots that needed work. Impressed by the timely completion of shots, the director trusted SrushtiVFX team with many critical scenes like the one before interval, zoom out shot of the temple, Bhaje Bhaje song sequence and Narasimhavataram.

Here comes the twist, while the team was already rushing to complete all the scenes within stipulated time, the release date got pre-poned. And not by one or two but FOUR days! At a time when every second was important, imagine cutting down 96 hours from the remaining time.

Yes, all panic broke loose. But no, not for long. The team knew there was no looking back, they had to finish the task assigned at any cost. Now was the time to prove their potential. Without further ado, the creative minds got onto the job new plan sketched, work divided, sleep compromised.

People were in the office day and night, sometimes working for hours at a stretch and taking quick naps just on their desks. The team members were not just splitting work but also sleep time. When one group slept the other worked, until the former group woke up and took charge.

Time was ticking, release date approaching, but the team’s dedication and determination kept them going. Much before the release, the team at SrushtiVFX successfully completed all the sequences, even those assigned at later stages. The shots were delivered right on schedule. And as for the movie, it went on to be one of the top grossing Telugu films.

Gopala Gopala Movie VFX Showreel:

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