Delivering VFX for the critically acclaimed movie Baahubali

27 October 2015


Baahubali, the name needs no introduction. The epic film garnered much acclaim from the audience as well as the critics. Baahubali has left everyone in awe of its spectacular visuals.

The splendid VFX not only nudged the film to a huge success but also took the Indian special effects scenario to the next level. And SrushtiVFX takes honour in having made a little, but significant contribution towards the success of the film.

When we got the opportunity, the team knew it was a big challenge but an exciting one. We worked closely with Srinivas Mohan, a well-known name in the visual effects arena, and the special effects supervisor for the film. Working with a three-times National Award winner was something the whole team looked forward to.

We were assigned crucial shots from the war sequence, which was the highlight of the movie. The shots included fire effects, dust effects and compositing work with some amazing visuals.

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SrushtiVFX also collaborated with Makuta, the creators of the magnificent Mahishmathi palace. Our team was assigned compositing work for the sequence showcasing the chariot chase in Mahishmathi palace. The scene was an important one, filled with drama, emotion and excitement. People were sure to be glued to the screen during this scene. So, the visuals had to be moulded to perfection without any glitches that could cause distraction.

SrushtiVFX also collaborated with Tau films for the majestic fight in the Bison sequence.

All three sequences assigned to SrushtiVFX were crucial to the film. With guidance from visionaries like SS Rajamouli, Srinivas Mohan and DOP Senthil Kumar, extensive team collaborations and many sleepless nights, the team completed the entire work at hand.

In a short span of time, the team at SrushtiVFX met the targets and accomplished the tasks with great finesse. The result was seen in the picturesque backdrops and breathtaking battle sequences. It was a proud moment for SrushtiVFX to be associated with one of the biggest ventures Indian Cinema has ever seen. As anticipated, the film went on to be a blockbuster and the rest, as they say, is history.

Watch the VFX breakdown video of the War sequence:

Watch the VFX breakdown video of the Mahishmati palace sequence:

Looking forward to Part 2!

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